Fuel System Cleaning for Better Vehicle Performance

The Fuel System includes the fuel tank, filters, pump, injector or carburetor, and spark plugs. It’s essential for transferring fuel from your vehicle's tank to the engine. Simply put, if there are issues with this system, your vehicle won't run properly. Maintenance of the fuel system helps eliminate the possibility of those issues occurring. 

When Do I Need A Fuel System Cleaning?

There are various signs that can indicate when a cleaning is necessary. Ignored symptoms can cause damage to your fuel system and increase the potential for damage in other parts of the vehicle as well. Some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Decrease in power
  • Decrease in gas mileage 
  • Engine stammers 
  • Significant hesitation on the gas pedal 

If you recognize these signs in your vehicle, chances are you need a complete fuel system cleaning. 

How It Works

The process for a cleaning service is done through a few simple, yet effective steps. First, a chemical cleaning flushes out your system, to get rid of any access build-up of fuel and grime. Once the solution is circulated through the fuel system, the next step is removing and replacing worn-out or faulty parts. This includes the fuel pumps, filters, and injectors. 

Once these steps are complete, your vehicle will be up and running smoothly. If there are any problems outside of the fuel system, TMT Automotive offers a full vehicle inspection! 

DIY Fuel Cleaner vs Professional Fuel System Cleaning Service

As gum and varnish build up throughout the fuel system, from gasoline and diesel fuel,  symptoms of a corroded fuel tank increase until it becomes common for premature combustions in the fuel tank. While modern gasoline and diesel fuel have more cleaning additives in them to prevent these issues, if you notice signs of damage, get help. An untreated and dirty system hurts your vehicle's performance over time and can cause additional issues in the future. 

Store Bought Fuel Cleaner

The performance of over-the-counter fuel cleaners is controversial. Many users report that their engine and vehicle seems to perform better after using these additives, but there’s little data to prove results. 

However, they don’t seem to harm the vehicle, so if you enjoy using them, you’re welcome to! But–if you do notice signs of a fuel system damage, you’ll want to turn to a professional. You’re also welcome to ask the professionals at TMT if there is a store bought cleaner with a positive track record for results on your specific vehicle. 

Professional Service

A professional fuel system cleaning removes the fuel system from the vehicle so a technician can thoroughly eliminate harmful deposits, help prevent corrosion, and increases the vehicle's life span. If there are other components of the fuel system that need replacing or simply need more attention, mechanics are able to inspect every part of the system to ensure better engine performance. 

Improve Your Gas Mileage, Power, and Overall Performance with TMT Automotive

When it comes to fuel system cleanings, it’s important to trust the auto shop that’s performing the service. Because the  system is removed from the vehicle for a complete clean out, you need to know that your technician is trained to remove and put back auto parts safely, without damaging other segments of the vehicle. 

Here at TMT, we offer thorough fuel system cleaning services to help get your vehicle up and running. In addition to your scheduled appointments, we give your vehicle a complete inspection to assure your safety and satisfaction. Book an appointment at TMT Automotive today!