Oil Changes for all Makes and Models

TMT specializes in servicing vehicles of all makes and models with excellence, and our oil changes are no exception. We offer standard and synthetic oil changes for everything from Toyotas to Audis. Our service is quick, but we care more about being thorough. If you’re in a hurry, let us know. You can give us your vehicle and get back on the road with one of our free loaner rides.

Competitive Oil Change Prices 

The price of an oil change is most dependent on the type and quantity of oil your vehicle requires. Most vehicles accept standard oil, which is less expensive, but has to be changed more frequently than full synthetic oil which is most commonly used on diesel engines.

TMT Locations & Oil Change Specials 

Ready to visit TMT? Check out our current oil change deals, then choose between our Bremen and Granger locations -- or call us to have our team pick up your vehicle for you!

When to Get an Oil Change 

To keep your car’s lifespan long, we generally recommend changing your oil at least every 5,000 miles with standard oil and at least every 10,000 miles with synthetic oil. Most importantly, don’t wait until the oil light comes on to get an oil change. Driving with the oil light is hazardous to you and your vehicle. If your oil light comes on, drive to a service center right away - or call us so we can come pick up your vehicle for you. 

oil change dip stick

Better Care for the Vehicle You Want to Keep  

If your vehicle is your companion for a decade and not just a 2-3 year ride, trust TMT. Automotive with your oil changes. Not only will you drive away with a new oil filter and oil change, you’ll also have a complete, 61 point inspection of your vehicle that will allow you to anticipate and schedule your auto repair service appointments before breakdowns leave you stranded.